Sketch papers


 Capture your ideas on paper with this essential range of free sketch paper and planners.
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GRID PAPER WITH 1CM SQUARESGrid paper 1cm squares printable and free to download

A staple for schools and home! Use the 1cm (10mm) grid for measuring, counting and experimenting with shapes.

Need a change? It is also perfect for planning out the best way to arrange the furniture in a room.



Grid paper with small squares to download and printGRID PAPER WITH REALLY LITTLE TINY SQUARES

Sure it doesn't look that exciting at first, but wait until you apply your pencils and pens to turn this grid into something wonderful!

Smaller grids are for more detailed designs. 



GRID PAPER WITH DOTSGrid paper with dot grid to download and print

Dots and spots are great for games! It's also grid paper without lines, which means more white space for your sketching and doodling.

Did you know doodling is a great way to grow your creativity?



Isometric grid paper with dots to download and print


If everything in the world had right angles, we would live in a world that was like Tetris! But helpfully, many shapes in our world have smaller angles.

For all the lovers of triangles, rhombuses and parallelograms, here is your favourite isometric grid. 



Grid paper 20 boxes 4x5 to download and printGRID PAPER WITH 20 BOXES

A useful page that is perfect for games, lists, notes, sketches, comparing ideas and much more. Ruled paper with 4 x 5 squares is always very helpful to have on hand.

Keep some on your desk to jot down those thoughts that pop into the head.



2020 calendar free download and printable


What are you planning for the year? The quarter? The month? Use our helpful 2020 Calendar with a quarter to a page.

We created it for ourselves and then decided to share it with everyone.



2021 CALENDAR AND PLANNER2021 calendar free to download and printable

What will 2021 bring? Get a head start with the 2021 Calendar with a quarter to a page. It has plenty of space to write your plans and ideas.




You can also find plenty of sketch pads and notebooks in store.
With everything in stock, they will arrive while your brain is still turning out your incredible ideas!