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Incredible Inventors provides creative activities for children in Australia, both online and in the community.

Our activities are opportunities for children to create.

We want children to be confident in their creativity and proud to communicate their ideas. Our mission is simple: kids more creative.

Children love to dream and doodle, think and make, tinker and test limits, as well as share their ideas. Just like real inventors do. Our aim is to grow these skills because these are the skills that children need.

Lisa Wiese

Children are incredible little inventors. 

Let us tell you a bit more about the Incredible Inventors dream:

1. The online shop provides beneficial activities for children at affordable prices. 
2. The community events encourage creativity and collaboration.
3. Coming soon, we will bring designs by children to life to build their confidence, so they discover how incredible they really are!

All children need to know that their creativity is unique and valuable. Be part of it.

Lisa Wiese
Founder, Mum and Scientist